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Our products

Our offer includes a full range of aluminium lids, aluminium and blister foils, as well as welding machines and equipment. Our products can be used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industry.

The aluminium lids seal jars made from: PP, PS, PVC, PET, PE, PET-G and glass. They are applicable in the cosmetic and food industry. The lids may be printed or plain, with an embossed logo, a smooth surface or knurled (there are three possible knurling types):

  • a small worm (a standard knurling type applicable in the food industry)
  • small dots (a knurling type applicable exclusively in the cosmetic industry)
  • needles (a knurling type ensuring smooth foil surface with only small punctures to be seen, which makes the printing very clear).

Blister foil – is applicable in the pharmaceutical industry and, similarly to our aluminium lids, is offered in a printed, plain, knurled or smooth version. It is delivered in rolls or in the form of blister cutouts.

Aluminium foil rolls for machines which cut and weld the jar lids in one cycle:

  • width from 15mm to 786mm
  • printed or plain
  • knurled or with an embossed logo

Knurling and die cutting service using the material supplied by the customer.

Welding equipment and machines:

  • hand-operated equipment
  • automatic filling, sealing and closing devices

Thanks to new machines and increased production capacity we can offer shortest possible order processing times - we will ship your order in just 7-10 days.