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We produce aluminium lids for PS, PP and PVC cups and glass jars, as well a…


Professional machines

Automatic equipment

As all multifunctional equipment, each machine needs to be constructed individually for our customers; therefore only after discussing your needs can we prepare a detailed quote.

Hand-operated welding equipment

Intended for small and medium companies that require welded sealing membranes for packaging. A membrane is placed manually; a packaging is also moved manually under the welding head. It is possible to adjust the temperature of the welding head, the welding time, the pressure applied and the head's speed.


  • Maximum packaging diameter: 90mm
  • Efficiency: 700-2000 pieces/hour
  • Power requirements: electrical 230V, 450 W, compressed air 3/6 bar 0.5 m3/hour


Thanks to new machines and increased production capacity we can offer shortest possible order processing times - we will ship your order in just 7-10 days.