Sealing machines

We also offer welding machines, which are a Polish product of the highest quality. They are suitable for any production environment, from small start-up companies to large production facilities. Thanks to the applied technological solutions of the machines, they are suitable for any type and shape of aluminum platings and packaging. The sealing machines meet CE requirements, ensure hygienic and reliable operation.

The offer applies only to the machines for condensation sealing.

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Manual sealing machine

This is a simple, compact machine used for sealing aluminum platings with the target packaging. It features high quality workmanship, simple operation and low operating costs. Thanks to its sizable sealing area, it gives great flexibility in the shape and size of the platings you want to seal. The user uses knobs to adjust the sealing temperature and the height of the heater (this makes it possible to seal low as well as high packages). Great for manufactures and small production.

Watch the hand-operated machine at work
Lid patterns
Semi-automatic machine

Semi-automatic machine

The semi-automatic sealing machine achieves higher efficiency and precision than a manual machine. It has an automatic heater with adjustable sealing pressure, sealing time and temperature. Aluminum platens are taken by suction from a matching feeder and applied to the package, which is placed in a dedicated slot. With its interchangeable platinum feeders and sockets, it can be used for a variety of platinums and packages. The semi-automatic machine can be a stand-alone unit or be part of an entire production line.

Watch the semi-automatic machine at work

Guaranteed support

When you order our sealing machines, you are guaranteed instruction in use. Each machine comes with specifications and operating instructions. The machines are covered by warranty, and in case of any problems, our specialists are at your service.

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