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Alu-Lids is a leading supplier of platings to the largest cosmetic companies in Poland. The company was established in 2001 in Wroclaw. From the very beginning, our specialization has been the production of platings for the cosmetic industry. Alu-Lids provides the highest quality products, technical advice and fast and professional service.

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A wide range of possibilities

We specialise in the production of aluminium platinums dedicated to the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. Our offer also includes induction platings.

Modern production technology, makes the lead time relatively short. In order to meet our customers' expectations, we execute orders from a minimum of +/- 10 000pcs. (The final minimum order quantity depends on the type and shape of the aluminium platinum ordered. Minimum orders do not apply to printed platings)

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Continuous development

Despite many years of experience in the packaging market, we are still focused on development. Training, industry events and trade fairs allow us to y develop and improve the quality of our products and services. We invest in new technologies to be able to respond to new trends in the changing market, and offer you the best solutions.

Our growth also means expanding our product range. We systematically introduce new raw materials, punching die patterns, knurling rollers or sealing machines. Over the last five years, we have completed three projects co-financed by the European Union. The projects were based on innovative solutions and were highly evaluated by a review committee.

Innovative Economy

„Increasing the international expansion of Alu Lids Sp. z o.o. through the implementation of a long-term, comprehensive Export Development Strategy.”

Innovative Economy

„Preparation of Alu-Lids Sp. z o.o. for the development of export activities by creating a dedicated long-term Development Strategy for international markets.”

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Innovative Economy

„Increase in the competitiveness of Alu-Lids Sp. z o.o. through the development of exports”.

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